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1 weeks ago

FaceBook & YouTube LIVE *The difficulty & Power of saying NO* Have you faced a situation where you want to say NO but are unable to do so? We are all facing such a situation day in and day out especially with the people close to us. Many a times it has costed us our time or money or even the relationship. *Dr. Sapna Sharma & Dr. Prabodh* discuss this Dilemma and the ways that can empower us to be on charge of our decisions. Use these links to Join us *TODAY Sunday 18th Oct at 6.30 pm on:* *YouTube:* https://www.youtube.com/c/DrSapnaSharmaAuthor *FaceBook:* https://m.facebook.com/drsapnasharma.Motivator/ #powerofsayingno #assertivenesstraining #relationships #workculture #friendships