Liv 💚 Loc’d✨🧿👁 (@liv.naturally_)

2 weeks ago

Transparency: “I’m done with love” is something I used to say after being hurt. My friends would say “you don’t mean that Livey” and I swore up and down that I meant it “this time”... there was a time when I was living this truth, but IT WASN’T ME. I just wouldn’t admit it to myself. - Once I started my self-love journey I realized that I first had to love self before anyone could ever love me properly. When I set out on my self-love journey it wasn’t to find love outside of myself though -I really wanted to heal. I had to tell myself that its okay to own who you are. It was okay to admit that I loved romance, adoration, and true intimacy.. It was okay to one day open up again, be vulnerable and cater to a man who loved me dearly.. it was okay to admit that I am someone who loves love.. I had to realize that I could have made better choices, those choices were a direct result of me not choosing to love myself first . I shifted from “fuck love” to “what can I learn from this?” I learned to validate myself. I didn’t need any man to do that for me. - A few months after a breakup almost 3 years ago I bought myself the bear pictured. It says “you are my sunshine” on the heart he’s holding. I bought myself this bear on Valentine’s Day , to a reminder that self-love comes first and foremost- the love I wanted COMES FROM SELF.. - I learned that I couldn’t be on 2 frequencies. I couldn’t say I didn’t want love when deep down I really did. I knew that in total alignment nothing lacks -It wasn’t that love didn’t work, I just wasn’t aligned with it. When 2 people vibrate on the frequency of love you both are fulfilled and you can give without limits . I had to shift my mindset , because at the time I was acknowledging a void. Love is whole. I HAD TO BE WHOLE to ATTRACT WHOLE... - You can love after pain. You are deserving of pure, authentic love. . #love #relationships #selflove #locs #thicklocs #healing #locjourney #locliving #locnation #shift #love #locology #dreadlocks #authenticity #loclovin #mylocjourney #lovemylocs #locaholics #authenticlove #truelove #loclife #locdhaircommunity #locdhair #locdhairdaily #healthylocs #locdndope #frizzylocs #locdndope