Max Strom (@maxstromofficial)

2 weeks ago

So many people have a problem saying “I’m proud of you”, or “I love you”. “I’ll never leave you”. Some of us won’t ever say it to our children, our friends, our brothers or sisters. We often times assume that the other one 'knows', that showing our love in non-verbal ways is enough. There is no real “Talk to me, I’m here for you”. We don't have much of this in our life and this is a problem. This is one of the reasons why we're seemingly stuck with our anxiety, because we don't know how to really connect with people when we are in a crisis of tragedy or catastrophe. And it's the connection with people during a crisis that forces the relationship into a much more powerful relationship. It creates this sense of trust in our community, especially with close friends or close family. “I really trust you because I know that three years ago when I went through that crisis you didn't leave me. Now when the next crisis comes I know you'll be right there and that I can get through it.” Trust creates a sense of safety. We never feel safe when we're in an anxious state, something can go wrong all the time. Life is full of crises and we're going to have more as we age. But if we go through them together, our relationships get stronger and stronger and we have more faith in ourselves and our ability to help others as they go through their crises. . . . #trust #crisis #love #relationships #anxiety